Devil’s Chariot

A civil war rages in Bougainville, a war of independence or a war of copper royalties?

Greedy mercenaries need this bloody conflict to continue. They eagerly await their deadly cargo of Russian weapons and attack helicopters.

Off Bougainville, the Empress Maru transports peace negotiators – and a fortune of refined platinum. The freighter is hijacked by a ruthless rebel splinter group supported by the mercenaries. A horrific rampage of rape, torture and murder begins.

A rescue team of pilots are recruited, supported by elite commandos. Using helicopter gunships, they recapture the ship and platinum. But a ruthless predator, a rogue Hind helicopter piloted by determined mercenaries foil their plan and the rescuers are shot down.

Surrounded in the jungles of Bougainville, time is running out as eager bands of savage rebels and brutal mercenaries close in. They thirst for blood, women, butchery and platinum. The Hind, the mercenaries’ lethal bird of prey, haunts the sky above. The deadly ordeal that follows is a harrowing gauntlet of terror, death and destruction.

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