Reviews & Fan Mail

Cross of Goa

‘Bob Shaw is an accomplished adventure storyteller and former aviator. Aviation buffs will enjoy his detailed flight descriptions, scrapes and mishaps. A salvage company is commissioned to find the missing ‘Cross of Goa’, a massive bejewelled and golden cross, hundreds of years old. The cross is believed to have been disassembled into five pieces and hidden throughout the world in former Portuguese-influenced areas. The story takes the reader through a rollicking yarn in the very risky process of tracking down the individual pieces of the cross.’

PJ van der Eyk. Una Voce Magazine

Fire Cult

‘ . . . Fire Cult is a ripping good yarn with equal appeal for both male and female readers. R.B. Shaw is a storyteller with an awesome talent and a gift for gripping descriptive prose. Claims by his agent that he could become Australia’s answer to Wilbur Smith could well be taken seriously.

This engrossing novel has a most ingenious plot with an ongoing sense of immediacy. The build up of tension and suspense keeps one turning the pages. This fast paced tale of heroism, terror and sickening sadism would be perfect for a thrill-a-minute action movie.’

Writespot International

‘ . . . This is R.B. Shaw’s second novel. Many will remember ‘Island in the Sky’, an excellent yarn written by someone with personal experience. His ability to conceive a plot and tell it well was also most evident. When I reviewed it, his fast racy style and descriptions of the countryside delighted me. ‘Fire Cult’ does not disappoint. Shaw holds the reader’s attention from start to finish.

I intended reading ‘Fire Cult’ on the plane to U.K., but two days prior I made the ‘mistake’ of opening the first page. I had long since finished it before I left – such was the fervour with which I devoured the story. In the finale the reader is constantly excited as the book builds to a thrilling climax.’

David Cooke, former reviewer, AOPA

‘Fire Cult’, Robert Shaw’s second novel, testifies to his worthiness of the title ‘wordsmith’. The story is set in a country he loves – Papua New Guinea, its stunningly beautiful geographic features matched with fine descriptions, images that are indelible.

The story is gold-fever ‘driven’, a search for booty hidden from Japanese invaders in WW11. Shaw depicts his characters through lively and gutsy dialogue. The author knows what flying machines can do, and his characters use them ‘to the max’!

In this fine entertaining novel, author Shaw weaves a credible and exciting story with many strands. He brings to us a parade of vivid images born of real life experience.

Adrian Geyle, Book Review, Una Voce magazine.

Island in the Sky

“… Such is the style of this suspenseful and gripping paperback that I could not do anything until I had read it from cover to cover! Shaw has a native wit and is a first class story teller. With all these talents he has woven together a yarn so credible and exciting that the reader is left with the vivid illusion that this is written history – that it all actually happened!”

Bob Pulsford, book review, Una Voce Magazine

“… An exciting thriller, vivid and exotic. PNG comes intensely alive and Shaw’s aeronautical knowledge adds suspense as sharp as a razor, with a plot reminiscent of Wilbur Smith, its action sequences will keep you on the edge of your chair …”

Robert Hood – Mystery Writer’ Award 1988

“… A high paced, dramatic and exciting adventure reminiscent of Alistair MacLean and Wilbur Smith. A well written and often thrilling novel with a heart-stopping action packed plot …”

Australian Aviation

“…Fabulous scenes, wonderful characters, excellent dialogue, a well-constructed adventure peppered with wonderful descriptions. It placed me on the mountain, in the jungle, sweating and suffering with the heroes.”

David Foard – ex editor Sydney Morning Herald

“… From beginning to end, this excellent novel is full of action and excitement on literally every page. I found myself with quickening pulse, reading faster as the climax approached. The intricate and fast moving plot with powerful word pictures moves with such speed that it is hard to put the book down.”

David Cooke – book reviewer, AOPA Magazine

“… Australian novelist Robert Shaw’s adventure is set against the treacherous, raw and savage, yet exotic beauty that is New Guinea. The pace quickens as a crash site is subjected to cannibal rituals and foreign military attention. The discovery of the wreck filled with gold bullion will hold you spellbound.”


Fan Mail

Dynamic story! Disappointed to come to the end, could have gone on amidst all the adventure and excitement so realistically told. I got thoroughly wrapped up in it. I consider it worthy of hard cover and a higher price.

Pat Boys, Auckland, New Zealand

Since I did some flying myself in New Guinea, I was most interested. I am very impressed by your writing, some of the best in my opinion, and I am a Wilbur Smith fan. Looking forward to get your new book next year I’ll be one of the first to order. That’s a promise, can’t wait. All the best.

Otto Zambelli. Zambelli Estate Wines, Anakie, Victoria

Congratulations on your current sales. Hope this bodes well for a second printing. If your book makes it to the “silver screen” I shall never forgive you if you fail to tell me. The very best to you.

Janice Olson, Mesa, Arizona

Dear Mr Shaw, Have you released your new book yet? After “Island in the Sky” we are eagerly waiting your next release. I have read many books on New Guinea but none as satisfying as yours. If you have published again could you please send three autographed copies to me and I will reimburse you.

Ian Thomas, Sydney

I do trust the book is doing well indeed for you – it certainly deserves to. I enjoyed it very much indeed and feel you must have a career as a writer as well as a pilot or engineer. You have managed to combine accurate descriptions of aircraft, flight and other facets of aviation with a damn good yarn. It builds tension well and keep the pages turning. I have and shall recommend it to my friends and associates. I hope you continue to write and enjoy the success you deserve.

Geoff D Brown, Melbourne